The Russian Resistance was first formed in 2013 by players of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It’s creation was a response to the status quo of good players gravitating from the Allied team to the Axis team. While we no longer exclusively play on the Allied team, the choice that RR members made to correct the imbalance – and the gaming values this choice represented – still defines us to this day.

We believe that all players should be respected, including new players, whom we feel a collective duty to help.
Because of the emphasis of fun over competitiveness and formality, we see ourselves as part of a gaming community, rather than a clan. The name of Russian Resistances is more a description of a collection of friends than a hierarchical gaming institution.

While (mostly) all meeting through Red Orchestra, we play lots of other games together, but the games we most enjoy are realistic and focus on group cooperation and teamplay. The majority of RR members are european, but we have, and welcome, members from across the globe.